Want to Go Places Without Your RV?

Pick up an e-bike in Yuma, AZ

Parking an RV can be a pain, especially in towns with more street parking than parking lots. Riding an electric bicycle (e-bike) is a great way to get around when you're traveling. RV Connection and Satellite Electronics, Inc. of Yuma, AZ carries all the bikes and accessories an RV owner could ever want.

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Find your best e-bike

When shopping for e-bikes, you'll want to consider two categories:


  • Type 2 bikes have a motor that is controlled by a throttle.
  • Type 3 bikes have a motor that is controlled by the pedals.
Frame style:
  • Cruiser bikes with a "step through" frame are easy to get on and off.
  • Commuter bikes typically come with a cargo rack and can go up to 28 mph.
  • Mountain bikes with a full suspension can climb hills quickly and smoothly, no pedaling required.
We can help you pick out a bike that you'll feel comfortable riding. Call 480-288-1111 now to speak with a member of our team in Yuma, AZ.

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Our e-bikes are perfect for off-roading

Not every bike is equipped to go off-roading. If you want to explore the hills of Yuma, AZ, you should get an e-bike from RV Connection and Satellite Electronics, Inc. Our e-bikes are perfect for going off the beaten path and exploring the countryside. We also only carry bikes from top brands, so you can rest assured your ride can withstand a few tumbles. Want to stay on the road? Our bikes are also great for city streets and neighborhoods.

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